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    Decided that if I waited for the rain to stop I would never make it fishing so Saturday afternoon I headed to my "spots" on the Upper Chena. As expected the water was high and fast making some areas tough to access. However a few of the sweet spots produced like normal on the usual panther martins and other spinners. Seemed like each hole had about two fish that would take it on first presentation and there were two more hiding wanting me to make it dance a little. A jerk and reel action usually got these guys to come out.

    Had some Chum company in my favorite hole and one even took a liking to my clear tube jig and tried to run off with all my line before I tightened down my super-light action setup and broke off (was fun for the minute or two though). Never had the salmon up there pay me any attention at all while fishing so it really surprised me. Was glad to see the massive rains took care of most carcasses.

    Did land one of my largest graying ever had to be 16"-17" and was a fatty so that was sweet. With all the rain and high water I didn't take the camera out so of course no pictures of my big guy (this will make it easier for me to grow him in size later as well). Also had one jump up in the air a good 2 feet which I had never had a graying jump like a rainbow before so that was cool.

    It wasn't the prettiest of days or the best of conditions but with winter looming I can't keep waiting for this ridiculous interior weather to give us a break. Tight Lines.

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    Were you fishing from boat or from shore.... Looking to go up sometime, how far up did you go?

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    I was walking from shore. Part of the problem was not being able to cross the main river and/or even some of the sloughs that come off of it due to the depth. I used to have a great little walking loop to get in and out of my fishing holes but that was fouled up by this high water. Regardless I have fished all along the upper reaches anywhere from 25-55 and there are various places throughout and they seem to change seasonly so get up there and try it out. In my experience it is sort of a hike-fishing experience. Even if you find a nice hole there are only a few in there and you have to walk up a little ways (like 10 yards) to get into another hole. By the time you are done you may find that you have gone quite a ways but the nice part is the fish in the first few holes forget that you hooked them a few hours ago and will bite again as you walk back.

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    I've been doing a lot of hike-in along the Chena and have been finding that the bigger fish are pretty reliably above 44-mile or so. But, I think that they're starting to move downstream from the very highest reaches (above 53-mile), and the water's starting to get pretty cold. Most importantly the tourists are clearing out. I swear this weekend some people were having yard sales at some of the parking spots and trailheads.

    Ditto on them forgetting. I had a tippet break off a mosquito on a pretty big one, then caught the same one about 1/2 hour later on another mosquito.


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