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    I am have about 28 months left to wrap up in a 20 year military career in the US Navy here in Australia, before I move back to Alaska for good. Going to be good, because my sister and her family, and my parents are all headed that way from Wyoming and Colorado too.

    My brother in law is also in the military and stationed at Fort Carson. So it will nice to have the whole family back in Alaska for good.

    And both my parents are retired from the BLM, so they are happy to be back in Alaska.

    I understand active duty and retirees can rent the jet boats at the Army and Air Force bases. So I can't see the point of owning one.

    I am blind as a bat without my glasses (and not great with them) so I can't see me becoming a pilot.

    We have four wheelers, and a Polaris ranger, and I'd really like to have some horses again.

    Anyone got a bead on what it cost to feed a horse in Fairbanks?

    Being a BLM brat I grew up all over the rockies, I was a Cop with North Slope Bourough PD for a while, and lived in Barrow. Of course that was 20 years ago.

    Not really worried about a job, wife is a school teacher with a masters and both American and International accreditation. I have a TS clearance, a bachelors in history/anthropology and I'll have enough from my retirement to pay the mortgage up to $300,000. So as they say in Australia "she'll be right mate".

    We will either be in Fairbanks, Delta, or south Central. Really depends on jobs. I don't want to live in the Mat-Su or Anchorage, and the wife won't live off the road system (sucks I know). She might get stuck in Nome, Bethel, Barrow, or someplace else if that's where the job is. At least for a couple years.

    I have done the great move to Alaska before, but this time it is with a family. So there is going to be some drama. But I think it will be nice to have the whole family up there together.

    I'd love to hear your words of wisdom, for this 2nd time Alaska Cheechako! At least my 2 Alaska periods are only 14 years apart. My father hasn't lived in Alaska since the 1960s. He was stationed in Anchorage during the Good Friday earthquake.

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    First Thank You for your service. And welcome to the forum.

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    Thanks, just happy to be wrapping it up. They are working on a law to change service retirements from 20 years to a mandatory 30. I am hoping I can't survive the next 2 in order to get out and have a retirement so we can go back home to Fairbanks.

    The face of the military will change much like it did in 1993 when I first came in. Hopefully I either have a job, have a retirement or have some kind of buy out after the end of the head chopping. Wouldn't mind doing 30, but alas it won't be in Alaska as the Navy doesn't have anything left up there.


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