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Thread: Denali Highway blueberries! Come get some!

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    Default Denali Highway blueberries! Come get some!

    Just for a blueberry update. They ripened way early this year, and we have been picking and eating them for over 2 weeks. It's a bumper crop of them also, at least in our area. I'm sure all the area's on the highway are the same. Get to the area's where the alders and trees give way to the alpine, and that's the best spots. People are coming back with several 1 gallon bags full of them.

    Those fancy bear claw shaped blueberry pickers are amazing, so grab one if you can and bring it up.

    Good luck!
    Claude & Jennifer
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    Default Its berry good

    It's also a bumper crop (WAY) behind Eureka too. Can't walk 2 feet anywhere without seeing them. Big, juicy, and sweet!

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    Good to know. I was actually surprised when hunting out of Paxson last weekend that at least 80% of the berries weren't fully ripe yet. Most were blue on one side, but still had hints of green on the shaded side. We didn't bother to fill any bags, but might get after it this weekend.


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