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Thread: The Futility of the Fin Clip

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    Default The Futility of the Fin Clip

    I was just wondering if anyone else has ever pondered what the point really is of clipping the fins of fish taken by dipnet. I always do it, but can't think of a situation where it becomes necessary. I forgot my scissors at Chitina last week (my fault) and had to cut the fins with a knife. This gave me plenty of time for contemplation. I packed the whole fish out, but couldn't I have just legally filleted them right there without clipping the fins if the fish were never hidden from view?

    I really think that the troopers are smart enough to sniff out a situation where someone posing as a dipnetter was poaching fish. The permit recording seems ample enough to me.

    Anybody else have any thoughts here?

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    What about people trying to sell their catch commercially? I think that plays into this as canneries only buy whole fish.
    I still know of one instance where someone got away with doing this though.
    That and for those who dipnet then proceed to an upriver launch to pullout or to kingfish before offloading their boat. Gives them someway to prove witch fish were dipnet and witch were rod and reel.
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