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Thread: Seward Birthday trip on Saturday...

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    Default Seward Birthday trip on Saturday...

    I am taking my old son and 3 of his friends fishing in Seward Saturday for his 10th birthday party... I have not fish out of Seward in about 10 years and need some advice regarding the area.

    Can you launch a boat during low tide? I think the tide is a -1.1 @ 8:30 on Saturday morning. I have a 30 foot pilot house on a triple axle trailer.

    Wheres a good spot to grab bait before we launch?

    Weather permitting was thinking of spending the night in Pony on the boat. Is there a better spot to stay with a boat load of kids?

    I am assuming take out is just like Homer and Whitter get in line and move your boat up the float until it's your turn to pull out. I ask because the boys will be watching the boat while I'm backing the truck down... My son knows the drill as he typically handles this task all the time. I just get to go along to play bait boy and handle the anchor :-)

    Does anyone know if the silvers have pickup since last weekend, I read reports that the fish where there, but you had to work for them. Was hoping to put the kids on some good action.

    Thanks for advice.

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    The end of ramp is marked at both the North and South ramps, do not back off the ramp. The North ramp has easier access, more parking and a bait shop at the top of the ramp. Agnes cove would be a better option to overnight, get there early it fills up fast. You are correct on launch and takeout. Rumor is Silver are through the bay from Chevel Narrows to Lowel Point. The derby starts Saturday so don't dilly dally.

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    I second what Skinny raven said about the north ramp. I can barely get on/off my trailer without really getting the truck wet at the south/west ramp. Not only is there less ramp, it is not as steep of an entry into the water which causes problems.

    Agnes Cove is an OK anchorage and where I would recommend, but not a PWS style bomb proof anchorage. If there is a gulf swell, it will bounce off of the shore and you will get rocked a bit at night.
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    I would say head to Johnstone bay for your silvers and pick up your Halibut off of Junkin, look for the charter boats. Overnight in Driftwood bay. That would be a beautifull spot with no crouds. Good luck.


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