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    Default beach fishing seward

    Any silvers hitting the beaches yet

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    Got a Facebook update from a friend down there right now who got at least one....not sure exactly where, though. Details were lacking other than

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    Oddly, it was better two weeks ago than last week. But I have seen fish come off the beach near Miller's Landing...maybe 6 while launching and landing my kayak the past three weeks. I would not say the fishing is hot but even on my kayak I caught a few of my fish maybe within a 50 yards out of casting range of the shore fisherman. Seems like about half and half pinks and silvers for the shore fishermen. Herring under a float seems to be the most mentioned tactic from the folks I spoke with there that had fish. So... I'm not sure I can "recommend" it. But I'd say you definitely have a chance. Two weeks ago, I would have said they are in! But they weren't last Saturday at any rate in any real numbers.

    Not very helpful after I re-read this. lol. I guess that's what I saw and experienced so you have to interpret it. I have the past weeks fishing on my blogs.

    I caught fish up and down to Caines Head but had batteries to burn near the landing and it seemed like that's when I got the good footage. But you can get a feel for how close I was for at least a few of the fish. and despite the address, I'm not a guide. 100% non commercial site.

    Saw few folks fishing the rock wall leading towards Miller's Landing but didn't look like they were having much success but it was hard to tell. Nobody at the waterfalls, which tells me there isn't a bunch of them.


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