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    I have a Snake Charmer series II (.410) I've had on my boat for years. Kids dug it out and we tried to fire it. Then I remembered it wouldn't fire. The problem appears to be in the hammer. I don't think it hits the pin. Anybody know of this problem and is there an easy fix? I'm no gunsmith. Or is the fix worth more than the gun? I think I paid $150 for it years ago, so no big deal, but if it was something simple and easy, I'd like it fixed. Suggestions?

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    I know nothing about your particular gun but from the description I suspect there is a hammer block on it and itís sticking with rust or something. Hammer blocks stop the hammer from getting to the firing pin unless trigger is pulled, pulling trigger moves the block out of the hammers path. If Iím right a good disassembly and cleaning will fix it or at least show you the issue.
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    Does yours have a safety?? If so maybe its stuck in the on position. You could also try oiling the heck out of it, might just be rusted up. I can not find a diagram online for how to take them apart but it can not be that bad for how simple they are. Just take it apart and look for broken parts. There is a place online that has a few parts for them, springs and stuff.

    I need a stock for mine and my Dad needs a stock for his. These are great guns for killing halibut next to the boat and for shooting grouse. If anyone has a stock they want to get rid of I will take it off there hands.
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    depending on the make and model, you might be able to find a diagram to help you take it down, at this place

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    My H&R did that. (Didn't fire) The hammer didn't even hit the firing pin. (No indentation on the primer.)

    I'm thinking your Charmer is the same action as my H&R.

    Anyhoo, the transfer bar didn't RISE UP, an do it's job. Thar war, a busted part down in there somewhere. I was told by a knowledgable person that it was hard to repair. Pins had to be driven out, a guide pin used to put them back, and I should send it back to H&R.

    I found their closest Warranty people on the Internet, called them, and and sent the gun to them in CA. It took months, and months, and they sent it back to the H&R Factory, to have it fixed. I was told H&R was particular about this particular repair.

    It didn't cost me nuthin but freight to the Warranty people, and fret, and run around, time, and wonderment.

    Soooo, I theenk this is a common problem with the H&R, NEF, or line guns with that same SS action, at least the older ones.

    My gun works fine now, and I'm hopin it don't break again.

    That's all I can tell ya, cuz that's all I know, or THINK I know about this. I hope it helps.

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    I just today reviewed my books, there is a posibility that the firing pin has either bent or is broke. It was a fairly common thing on the earlier versions. And they haven't changed much in this simple design. If you are moderately handy it is easy to check. However, most gunsmiths will check and replace if necessary for about 30 bucks...



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