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Thread: supercharged pellet rifle

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    Default supercharged pellet rifle

    anyone ever shoot the 45cal air rifles or any of the big bore pellet guns? I was thinking of getting one for keeping peace in the yard without making too much noise, but am skeptical about dropping that much money.

    something like this

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    you could get a similar effect with a H&R handi rifle in 357/38spcl. The 38 Specail out of a single shot rifle isn't as loud as you would think and be a lot cheaper too. Those large bore air rifles are pretty loud too.

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    Default better stuff

    I like the .22lr stuffed with CB LONGS (zimmer patrones) better.

    AR 15 in 9mm loaded with winchester 147 SXT subsonics is just as quiet and semi auto to boot.

    You can load most bolt guns with small or medium capacity down to subsonic levels with very little noise.

    AR15 in .300 whisper is 200 meter deadly with 240-250 grainers and whisper quiet.

    Sounds like an air compressor burst.


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    my area zoning only allows me to shoot air or arrows. looking for a high falootin' air rifle.

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    What are you trying to shoot? Do you need a 45 cal airgun? where are you at?

    Also on most quality airguns are expensive because they are built like custom guns. Most of them have walnut stocks , super nice triggers and match barrels.

    Ive handled these big bore rifles at Airguns Alaska before. They are big and heavy, but seem to be very well made. Some of the artwork on the reciever is a bit cheesy looking though. Also at airguns he has several pieces of steel, wood ect that he has shot with these airguns to demonstrate the power of these guns. pretty impresive BTW


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