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Thread: New sportjet reverse bucket

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    Default New sportjet reverse bucket

    To be polite, the stock bucket leaves alot to be desired.
    After a few blood pressure raising adventures in strong current and wind, I had to make a change as I'd come too close once too often.
    Wooldridge got the nod with their new unit. At $600, I wondered how much difference it would make despite good reviews.
    On my Alumaweld Intruder, I also had to notch the swim step on each side to fit as the new bucket is larger than stock. Well worth the couple hours of fitment.
    The performance improvement was nothing short of astonishing. Backing off the trailer, off the bank, sliding in the current, squaring up to the trailer in current, etc... is a breeze now. Finally, a SJ with reverse that really works.
    Highly recommended.

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    I second that thought...bought the new bucket back in June and they are wonderful. They give way more reverse than the stock buckets do. Plus...when you slam on the brakes, you better let your passengers know what coming, I'v thrown three people into the windshield and now, I warn them first...Thanx Glen...."fishon"


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