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Thread: sheep hunt/how much water, bullets

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    Default sheep hunt/how much water, bullets

    If your hiking into sheep country 5-6 miles and setting up camp near a water source, how much water do you carry for the hike in? What kind of water containers do you prefer? I have always used a 72 oz camel back and a 32 oz nalgene bottle. How many water containers do you take on a 7 day backpack hunt?

    How about bullets (it should only take one but........). How many do you carry.

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    I carry a full camelback (mine is probably about 60 oz., though that's a guess) and an empty nalgene for attaching to my filter. As for bullets, I'd probably carry 10 on a normal sheep hunt. If there are potentially other targets such as bear or wolf, though, that total might go up slightly. You're right, it should only take one and hopefully no more than three, but man, I sure would hate the hunt to end because I ran out of bullets re-sighting my rifle after a nasty fall.

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    If I understand correctly you have a 5-6 mile hike to your water source. This is a common delima if find myself in. I usually bring my 100oz camelback and an empty nalgene for making juice drinks or hot chocolate. 100oz is always more than enough for a 5-6 mile hike, at least for me. I always debate filling it up before I leave the house but still to everytime. It's just nice to know that if "it" hits the fan and you don't make it to your water source in the time you expect, you'll have enough H2O.
    Good luck.

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    Bullets is easy - #12. Water varies. If you're going up a stream packin' in - you'll be heavy and going up, so I don't usually fill my water bladder because I can drink as I go up the drainage. If you're hiking up a mtn and unsure if there is water source on the way up, I take 2 liters of water, and of course "camel up" when ever I hit a spring or some water source on the way. I seem to intentionally drink until my gut aches, just to ensure hydration during high exertion; my buddies and I call it "cameling up".

    Anyway, hope this helps. Good luck to you. I know that a little pre-season scouting sure eliminates the unknowns and even lightens up my pack - knowing there is water is money in the bank.

    Enjoy your sheep hunt. I'm jealous as heck. I'll be reading your adventure as well as everyone elses from my computer in the desert. At least I have internet access! Could be worse.

    Go get 'em! Take more pix than you think necessary.

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    I carry a 48oz Nalgene and a filter if I know there's water where I'm going and how far it is to get there.

    I take 12 rounds... if I haven't killed it with 12 then 15 or 20 won't make a difference since the rifle is probably going off a cliff.

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    This year I am using 2 20oz Sobe Lifewater bottles with the wrapper removed to carry my water, they are sturdy and lightweight. I plan on camping next to a clear running stream so having water available will not be an issue. There's usually always water available to refill them when i'm out and about looking for a ram.

    As for bullets, I generally carry 10-15 rounds, 6 in my rifle and the rest in my pack. I like to have extras in case I should fall and drop my rifle, it allows me to recheck my sights. This happened to me 2 years ago and I was real glad to have those extra rounds. YMMV.


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