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Thread: North or South slope for Caribou

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    Default North or South slope for Caribou

    Done the WACH several times now and looking to head off to the Brooks Range for Caribou. Looking for advice on hunting the North slope or the South slope for Caribou??? Time of year is not a factor, just looking for the better hunt. Does it really matter if you fly out of Deadhorse or Coldfoot? Or is even Bettles a better starting off point. DIY is the way I go, using a transporter is what I'm looking at and not a guided trip.



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    We hunted North slope with transporter seventynorth and had a great hunt. That's the only DIY Caribou hunt I've done, so I can't tell you about others, but I'd do it again in a minute.

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    Bucksandnoles...Greetings. I appreciate your recommendation to go with 70 North. I am planning a 2012 Caribou hunt with 70 North...have not booked as yet. After doing much of my homework...this Outfitter and location looks promising.

    Can I ask you how you handled Food for your camp stay? He does not offer Food for the camp. Also, we have talked about flying into Deadhorse/SCC airport...but, no discussion about how to get to Happy Valley. How did you handle that leg of the journey?

    Any advice is appreciated...I am concerned about getting meat back home, also. This will be our 1st too many unknows at this point.

    Thanks, Mike

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    Been to the north slope, never heard of the south slope but heck, you never know!!!
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    I'll be flying with 70 north in a couple weeks. This year will be my tenth consecutive to fly and spend time with Mike in AK. Here is some info for you.

    First, Mike can probably drive you from Deadhorse airport to camp in Happy Valley for a fee. Call him to find out how much. It is an 80 mile trip (160 RT).

    Regarding food. How are you getting food there for the time you spend in the field? I often pack food like Mountain House in my check in luggage. There is a store in Deadhorse, but they only have limited groceries. Snacks and soda mostly. There are also some limited food sales at the Arctic Inn. If you stop there, the buffet is worth it. As the joke goes, Deadhorse is the only town in the world where you can buy a 6-foot-long wrench, but not a loaf of bread. Talk to Mike about eating in camp.

    Regarding getting trophy and meat home. When you leave, you can take your antlers and meat to Deadhorse and send them from the airport there. A large set of unsplit antlers can be boxed and sent from the Prudhoe airport for a crazy sum of $500. If you split them, it's cheaper because the fee is based on the size of the box (they have boxes at the airport cargo area)There are also wax meat boxes there to buy for $10 each. Mike usually keeps a pile of them in camp as well. They hold around 50 pounds each and can be shipped directly from the airport where ever you want them sent. I send my meat to a butcher in Anchorage. They process, shrink wrap and fed ex frozen to my home in Indiana. I have always received my meat still fully frozen.

    I'll be driving to Happy Valley this year from Anchorage on August 25, so I will be carrying my gear and food with me. Hope this helps. If I can help in any other way, let me know

    Don Mulligan

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    North and South slope refers to the Brooks Range. In general, all the bou up there summer on the north slope and out to the Beaufort Sea coast. Come late summer they start their migrations south.
    The only way to get decent bou hunting on the south slopes of the Brooks is to wait until late Sept. Some few places may be sooner but late sept is the general time they are heading into the country on the south side.
    Most all the transporters are geared for hunting the North slope since they want to be done before serious freeze/snow conditions. Talk to the various transporters and see if they offer anything on the south side at a time when bou are present.
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    Its that time of the year again! Can't wait to get back up there. Couldn't go last year because I was down in the gulf of mexico on working on the oil spill (im in the Coast Guard). Flying out of Kotz again. Can't wait. I should change my name from Juneausully to Kenaisully. I moved to Kenai and lovin it.

    Good luck and let me know how you do. I will do the same.



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