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    Anyone know of a local (Anch..Eagle River area) home based outboard mechanic that doesn't charge $110 per hour. I want to sell a 115 Johnson and just had it in a shop to be checked out. They said tilt/trim motor is good but there is some wiring/relay problem...but they didn't fix it...after I specifically said the t&t was my main concern...I already knew the motor ran..go figure. Don't really want to take it back there and I don't care to bad mouth a business on the forum. I'm not "wired" to deal with wiring. Any suggestions or pm's appreciated!

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    i haven't used them but i've heard from a few people that J Kimberly Service in Anchorage is real good with johnson outboards, maybe try give them a call...

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    I know a couple that charge $150 an hour, but they actually fix your problems, not just take your money......As said, Kimberly is pretty good when it comes to OMC. But, with that said, with a bit of time, you should be able to tackle changing a relay easy enough. I have done a few of those before on the V-4 motors and they are pretty easy to do. In fact, stacking downrigger lines is harder.....

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    Thanks for the replies, guys...actually, that's where I took it. They seemed like real nice folks but didn't quite git 'er done.


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