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Thread: haul road fatality yesterday afternoon

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    Default haul road fatality yesterday afternoon

    not sure where to post this so move it if nec.

    yesterday afternoon coming back on the haul road a motorcycle rider from the group died while riding is what i heard while waiting in traffic for the scene to be cleared.

    i believe they were filming for something. does anyone know anything about what happened yesterday, or about the group globebusters?

    please keep in mind that the haul road is likely thee most dangerous road you will drive, so everyone please be careful when your up there.

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    The most dangerous vehicle to have on the haul road is a motorcycle. Bikes are responsible for the highest percentage of accidents, injuries, and fatalities. Quite frankly, bikes shouldn't even be allowed on that highway. Yesterday was the 2nd significant bike accident in the last couple weeks and yes, someone died.

    The other thing folks just don't understand is that once you cross that North Star borough line north of Fairbanks, there is no 911. The only help you have north of that is a state trooper and whatever Good Sams might be mustered up from nearby. Be careful up there is an understatement. You need to be totally self-sufficient and perfectly safe if you go up there.
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