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    Default Parks Report

    8/6-Mat Su Valley:

    Sunshine Creek-Loaded with 4 specied, Sockeye, Chums, Pinks, and Some Silvers. Slow Fishing at this creek, try hitting it early morning before they start getting harassed.

    Montana Creek-High, but clear. Two of us hit it at the right time and got into a ton of Chums and Pinks. A fresher report has this stream blown out and pretty much unfishable.

    Goose Creek-Is the hike to the mouth worth it? No! Did it anyway and found plenty of Pinks and Chums, even a "Greyish" King to boot. Unintentionally hooked into one, though it might be a silver until we got it the bank. aknook didn't eat his Wheaties for breakfast, didn't get a photo.

    Sheep Creek at the bridge-Water seemed higher then usual. Plenty of Chums and Pinks around. Stopped here briefly just to check things out, worth stopping for if you are just looking for action.

    It was pouring rain on us when we left late in the afternoon, I'm sure that didn't help the water levels on any of the parks streams.

    Fish On!

    You know your not catching any fish when you start talking about the weather...

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    Bummer, maybe I'll spend some time fishing stillwater instead. Thanks bigcox.

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    willow is high...
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