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Thread: Whales in Kachemak Bay

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    I was fishing in Homer last weekend and got into some pretty nasty chop so we headed in without any fish, pretty disappointed. As we rounded the bend off Land's End, we saw a whale tail sink into the water about 500 yards ahead so I stopped my boat and told my friend to grab the camera. About twenty seconds later, before we got the camera out, a 40 foot humpback shot completely out of the water about fifty yards away from us. It scared and awed us at the same time.

    On our way home, I stumbled upon this article, which was eerie and interesting given my recent experience.

    nybody else have any whale strike or cool watching experience?
    Also, how common is it to see whales put on that kind o display in K-Bay? There is an awesome pic of an Orca in K-Bay from the 80's in Arctic Roadrunner that is pretty neat.
    Any input is appreciated.

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    There have been a lot of whale sightings in Cook Inlet this summer. My old man had a pod of orcas come by while fishing there in late May (not unusual), but then they had a minkie pop up right next to the boat while they were idling a ways off the beach waiting for the tractor to get the trailer.
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    A few days ago I had a similar deal. A whale breached completely out of the water at around 50yds, while we were fishing. It was a great show, but it sure gets your heart pounding. Seems to be more and more whales around every year. It's only a matter of time before one lands on a boat. Every capt in my area has a "it was so close" story...

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    June 18th had a finback surface in Res Bay 20 feet off our stern while we were releasing a ling cod. No warning ~ no previous blows or anything. Really startled us.

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