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Thread: Deer pee or other scents/attractants for moose

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    Default Deer pee or other scents/attractants for moose

    I've got several bottles of 'doe in heat' deer urine I purchased for a deer hunt several years ago. Just curious if this would work as a moose attractant during the 'peak of the rut' for moose? After all, the moose is the largest member of the deer family ... can't be that much of a difference between regular deer urine and moose urine.

    Does anyone here use 'deer pee' or scents while moose hunting?

    Personally, I hunt moose by spotting and stalking ... but if I was stalking and the wind changed on me, I may be inclined to squirt a little deer urine on my boots or aerosol into the air. There are some products specifically designed for the moose hunter such as the 'moose bomb' see link -

    Any thoughts or experience with scents for moose?

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    I have never read, or heard, of a "love" encounter between a moose and a deer - but that likely comes from the deer as I doub't a 140lb doe wants a 1200 lb boyfriend!
    I have experimentd some with cow (moose) urine - I think it could pay off if you huint the same area several days in a row - I was not fortunate eoungh to repeat hunt the same spot more that twice so I do not have a good feed on it. Several hunters do use scents and there have been some discussions in the archives.
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