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Thread: chain on polaris 6x6

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    Default chain on polaris 6x6

    I have a 2007 6x6 and am having problems keeping the middle chain tight. It doesn't seam to matter if I am on easy terrain with no weight or hauling moose through bogs. Today we went to belanger pass and it only took about 9 miles to become so loose that when I was stopped the chain was resting on the swing arm. My rear chain seams to stay tight so I'm thinking the middle axle clamp is not holding. Has anyone ever had an issue like this before, or have any advise that might help me fix this problem?

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    Buy some new bolts and torque them down. It worked for me.

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    When you set them, MARK the location. Then you will know if they are slipping on you. My 94 4X4 had a front one slipping.

    Is this 6X6 problem week?
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    Make sure you are getting all the bolts tight. There are two on the middle axle, and two holding the brake assembly to the axle. You might also take the housing out of the swingarm and clean the surfaces to make sure the friction needed is there. I've got over 1600 miles of low range, abusive terrain on my '04 and haven't had a loose chain problem that wasn't easily solved by keeping things tight.

    Good luck!

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