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Thread: M1 Garand, first one but...

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    Default M1 Garand, first one but...

    Always wanted a M1 Garand because my Dad carried one in WWII. Dad never talked to us kids much about the war as he got shot up pretty bad and bad memories I assume. He passed away 6 years ago so I am sol. Anyway there was a story in the local paper about a guy, about my age and his father, about my dad's age. The father remebered the serial number of his M1 from WWII. The son somehow found the exact gun in a gunshop in KY and bought it for his dad. Very touching story.

    So I thought if I could get one that was close to when dad went in that would be something. Went to the CMP store last Monday with a couple buddies and picked out a couple. One nice Sprinfield and a Winchester. The Winchester was WWII but the Springfield was made in '54. The Winchester receiver was the only thing original on that one but the Springfield had more of the original parts. This is all new to me and I took the counter guy's advice and bought the Springfield. Should be a good shooter, still may look for a more original one from the war era. The stock is kind of beat up, nothing major and I think it adds character. Any advice or things to watch out for? I haven't cleaned it yet as I want one buddy to see it first. Thanks, Mark
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    Looks like a nice rifle. Pull it apart and wipe down all the visible surfaces, follow the instructions in the handbook that came with it. Use a good grease on the friction points as noted in the handbook. Don't shoot commercial soft point hunting ammo in it. The Federal American Eagle is good. They actually have an M-1 specific load. Great rifles. Enjoy.
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    Nice rifle. I like the Post WWII rifles as shooters. For information: check out Culver's Shooting Page at; this use to be THE place for Garand information...kind of fell from that place after some health issues for the owners...and M14Forum, lots of M1 and M14 shooters and information there. Once upon a time a guy had taken great photos and documented completely taking apart the M1, I think the CMP obtained all the information and it should be on their web site somewhere although I couldn't find it quickly?


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