The 225gr Accubond in a Ruger Hawkeye (because of the generous magazine) makes the 358Win a very versatile rifle and cartridge indeed. I have been testing the 225gr Accubond in a Ruger Hawkeye at the range and on game for three years now. In my testing I found that the 225gr Accubond with TAC powder and Rem 9 1/2M primers is 1/2 - 3/4 inch at 100yds, and is moving on the average at 2556fps. To say it is and effective game killer between 1700fps and 2500fps is an understatement. Even though the 225gr Sierra Game King is more accurate I am not able to push it over 2500fps consistently and then you add its much lower BC of 0.370 as apposed to the 0.421 of the 225gr Accubond, the Accubond will give more down range ability.

Here is a table to illustrate my point.

Max Point blank range is 253 yds when zeroed at 214 yds. This will allow me to hold on top of a deers shoulders at 260yds and hit that deer still in the kill area at 350yds

Yards Drop Vel. Eng
Muzz -1.5 2556 3264
50 1.4 2454 3009
100 2.8 2355 2770
150 2.7 2258 2547
200 0.9 2163 2338
250 -2.8 2071 2142
300 -8.5 1980 1959
350 -16.4 1892 1789

This bullet at this velocity is rated for game from 901-1500 pounds

Cartridge: .358 Winchester
Firearm: Ruger Hawkeye with 1.5-5x20m VX-III

Bullet Dia (in): 0.358
Case Length (in): 2.015
Case Volume (gr H2O): 57.3
Muzzle velocity (ft/sec): 2556
Bullet Wt (gr): 225
Charge Weight (gr): 50
Barrel Length (in): 22
Firearm Weight (lb): 8.00
Free recoil energy is 24.5 ft-lb. (33.2 Joule) (Only 1 foot pound more of free recoil than a 30-06 with a 180gr bullet)

As much as I like my 300Win Mag I will be using my 225gr Accubond in my 358Win for three of the four hunts I have planned this year. Nosler had the good sense to make the 225gr Accubond and Ruger had the good sense to give us a generous magazine.