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    I looked through the regs but couldn't find my answer. I want to take my son (4years old) to the Fish Creek for the youth only fishery but was wondering exactly how much I could or couldn't do. Don't get me wrong I am not trying to just take him out and have him sit next to me watching me fish but he isn't that great of a caster and IF he did get a hook up I don't know that he would be able to reel it in. I would love to just take him and sit there and watch him fish but he just isn't big enough for that yet and I don't want to just turn him loose and have him leave frustrated.

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    Fish Creek is a big muddy mess. He would probably have more fun getting all muddy than actually fishing.
    If you want to get into a somewhat decent fishing with him, go to Knik Lake. You can use bait there and the trout fishing isn't that bad and he would most likely be able to bring those in. During the Gettin Jiggy derby in February, the kids were bringing in the fish left and right from what I observed when I brought my neices and nephews there.

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    It has been awhile since I delved this deep into the regs. but, as I recall, he/she who actualy hooks the fish technically is the person who caught the fish, aiding in landing or casting, baiting the hook is allowed.

    If/when he gets a hookup help him hold the rod and coach him on reeling it in.

    I am sure you both will have a great experience.
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