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Thread: Wanting to take rabbits

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    Default Wanting to take rabbits

    So me and the family just moved to Alaska from california.
    Never hunted before and figured now is the time to learn. Me and my boys 10 and 11 are anxious to get out and start small with some rabbits. so I'm looking for some advice on how and where would be a good place to start near Valdez.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated. thanks

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    Welcome to the forum!

    You can read through this forum and get all kinds of info on hunting bunnies. Down your way there are probably all kinds of good places. I have never been past Glennallen when hunting hare from Anchorage, but I am sure you will have no problem finding an area to hunt.

    It will be a bit difficult at first, but it gets easier the more you do it. Hardest part for me when I started was learning how to spot the little buggers. Their primary means of defense is to hold still and blend into the surroundings. A white bunny against the snow can be hard to see at first, but once you get used to looking for them you will do fine. They will hold still till either you are right on top of them or they sense that you have seen them.

    Best bet is to find a likely area and start walking. If you do not see any sign after awhile, pack up and try another spot. Tracks, bunny nuggets, and trails are the things to look for.
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    Get out often, and try to hit them when thier camoflage is changing and "off", as in white bunny on brown background or vice versa. I use a 12 gauge with #4 shot to put the odds in my favor as much as possible. I find dusk to be the best time of day to get on them. Ditto what bilder said about sign, and I keep my eyes low to the ground to see where they have just nipped the bark of limbs and tree shoots. A lot of areas are too dense, look for marginal habitat, sometimes there will be better shot opportunities.

    All that being said, I'd start the kids off on squirrels with a .22, exponentially more shot opportunities. That or grouse hunting with a scattergun or .22. Anywho, good job getting out there with kids.

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    I prefer a .22 and go for clean headshots. Just drive until you start seeing tracks, roadkill, bark-stripped alder and willow and rabbit pellets.
    I grew up in Valdeez. Not too many rabbits in Valdez (Unless you hunt the local population of domestics at the RV park on the harbor spit. Joking). Lots of ptarmigan though. If you drive North you will begin seeing them around pump station 12 and thicker towards Glennallen.

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    Lots of great info on the forum, here is a link to an exceptional one on rabbit hunting:
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