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Thread: Spell checker for forum messages

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    This vBulletin software does not have a spell checker, but new browser software and extensions have pretty much rendered this feature unnecessary.

    Internet Explorer users can install IESpell, an unsupported but apparently very functional free extension.

    Mozilla's FireFox 2.0 has a built in spell checker. It underlines misspelled words as you type and provides alternate spellings in the right click menu. In order to use this FireFox feature, you right click in the new message window or any other field you want to spell check and select "spell check this field."

    What these spell check features do not do is check context. If you enter a correctly spelled word in your message that is the wrong word, these spell checkers will not help I have found to my embarrassment. :{

    This is how it works on the PC platform; I don't know how it works with Macs. Perhaps a Mac user can add some information on this?

    Your last line of defense on good spelling is the edit feature of the forum. The software is configured to allow you to edit your message for a short period of time after you post. I suggest reading over your finished message, and if you spot a problem, click the edit button and fix the problem. The edit button will not appear after the time allowed for editing.


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    If I foresee writing a longwinded response or new post I type it out in either a blank email with MS Outlook or in MS word and then spell check and paste the post into the box.


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    Quote Originally Posted by webmaster View Post
    This is how it works on the PC platform; I don't know how it works with Macs. Perhaps a Mac user can add some information on this?
    Well David, us Mac users are just naturally gifted with intelligence beyond the scope of most PC users...thus no need for a spell checker!

    kidding, of course...


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    Talking Mac Users


    You're on to something here, we were intelligent enough to go Mac not PC's. hehehe!
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