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    Smile dc481 and dm695

    My wife and I were lucky enough to draw 2 permits this year. The Caribou permit is west of the Black north of the Talkeetna and south of the Susitna river way back on the Nelchina trail system. I hunt with an 8 wheeled Argo on tracks. Having never been back that far any information would be appreciated. Looks like I'll have to cross the Nelchina Oshentna and obviously the Black to get there. How are the water crossings? Once again any info would be appreciated.

    Also dm695 East of the Wood River, west of Delta Creek and south of N64 05' 00". Anybody who has hunted back in there any information on the trail and the river crossings or anything else would be GREATLY APPRECIATED.

    Thank You.

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    Congrats on drawing 2 permits! Crossing the Nelcina has never been bad in my experience. I have never been to the Big O but have heard that crossing it just doesnt happen. Maybe someone else will chim in, but I think you may have to take a different route.

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    Crossing the Little Nel shouldn't be a problem unless it rains a lot. I have had it get a little tricky when it had rained for several days. When it is high it gets pretty swift. Tyone is no problem at all. I haven't been farther than Yanko Creek. My wife has the DC-480 permit so we will be back in there somewhere although not as far as you are going.


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