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Thread: Affordable drop off - you can assume Labor Day flight reservation from me (DC827)

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    Default Affordable drop off - you can assume Labor Day flight reservation from me (DC827)

    Well, the story is like this. I won DC827 this year and in late winter I made reservation with Fairbanks-based Wright Air ( for caribou/sheep drop off combo at Alaska Range, south from Fairbanks, Unit 20A. It happened, I can not use this reservation now. It is not fully refundable though. Well, it is almost refundable, these $300 I paid as my deposit with Wright Air (WA) I can use toward any other arrangement with them for the next year(s), or for other hunt, sight seeing tours, etc. Still, I can not take $$$ back unless I bring to Wright Aviation people who want to assume from me this current reservation for certain dates. I thought, perhaps it can be of interest for hunters, particularly for DC827 holders who is still contemplating their drop off options. Especially, because by now everything for drop offs is solidly booked. So, here goes

    - the reservation of for drop off hunt of one full week duration, Aug.30th (drop off day) till Sept. 6th (return day). It includes Labor Day long weekend of Sept. 3rd-5th

    - early return is possible, provided you have means of communication, like satellite phone or SPOT messaging service (with some luck cell phone can work there on the hills, but it is not for granted)

    - arrangement was for drop off at more-or-less flat part of the AK Range hill tops, in the vicinity of Japan Hill or аt some other location with similar terrain in the Range up to Totlanika river to the West. This is favorite location for caribou and sheep, with some hike to steeper slopes for sheep

    - the aricraft is wheeled Helio Courier, certified for up to three passengers

    - the useful payload is 750 lbs of total weight per flight (you, your partner or partners, gear, meat - everything)

    - the cost is $1200 RT ($300 deposit), provided it is just two flights, one for drop off and one for return

    - extra OW flights are possible and it is $600 for each extra flight (meat weight of large moose, for instance, can be above the allowed payload if two hunters are involved)

    - all rates are PER FLIGHT, not per person, as long as one or two hunters are involved (if needed, we need to check with WA what is their deal for three hunters)

    - satellite phone is not mandatory but recommended (some drop off providers make it mandatory nowadays, that is why I mention this)

    I understand this arrangement can be modified, but up to a point. For instance, I believe it can be changed for Moose in that area (north from AK Range, 20A) or something else. However, any changes and modifications, especially significant once, should be approved by Wright Air.

    Just a reminder, the hunting seasons in that area of 20A are (for more details please refer to

    Black Bear - three per year, harvest (HT), no closed season

    Grizzly Bear - one per year, Sept 1st. - till May

    - drawing permit DC827 (bull), Aug.10 - Sept.20

    Mnt. Sheep
    - harvest (HT), full curl ram, Aug. 10-Sept. 20

    - harverst (HT), bull, September 1-25th,
    50" or 4 brow tines on one side (Wood River CUA) or
    50" or 3 brow tines on one side (reminder of 20A)

    Of course I understand that most of DC827 holders already set up their plans by now. However, perhaps, some folks with DC827 still contemplating drop off options, while everything is heavily booked up. Тhis is their chance. Also, it seems that moose/mnt. sheep combo can be easily arranged during the dates even without DC827 permit. So, here is the opportunity for affordable drop off. This is the best deal ($1200 RT) I ever heard of for 20A, all other options from other companies were significantly (twice, at least) more expensive and with much less useful payload.

    If you are interested to assume this reservation from me, let me know. We should go (or call if you are not in Fairbanks) to Wright Air and change the reservation for your name. If my deposit $300 toward this hun remains with Wright Aviation, you pay me $300 as a compensation for this deposit after reservation is changed for your name. Or, alternatively, you pay this deposit to Wright Aviation directly and they return my deposit to me.


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    the offer is still there as of Aug 16th.


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    Last chance, the offer is still there

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    where they fly out of?
    if you wait to the lasdt minute it only takes a minute.....

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    Fairbanks small aviation airfild, next to Fairbanks International.
    There are long-term parking nearby, I believe free.

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