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    Default Bou and Bear

    My brother from Wyoming is itching real bad to get him a Griz or Brown bear. We have been discussing putting together a trip for next year. The biggest hurdle that I have is scouting areas.

    Scouting is pretty tough without actually going on a hunt. I do not have access to planes unless I charter them. My uncle has a 18 foot jetboat and I have a zodiac prop....

    My first idea is to take a hop in from Coldfoot into the Brooks to hunt caribou and catch Griz on the gutpiles. I am looking for general thoughts from people as to how successful for Griz this might be????

    A float hunt is also a possibility and I will probably hire AOD or Pristine Ventures for planning help.

    There is the AK pennisula too....

    Fall or spring probably doesn't matter, but a good hide is a must.

    Any ideas or general thoughts to share?

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    What are your/his priorities? Big bear............go where the bears are big...........tho you might have to wait for him to draw a permit.
    Any bear................go somewhere bear pops or numbers are high. Hit a salmon stream or a berry patch at the right time of year.
    If quality of hunt is the priority..............go where the scenery is majestic. Most everywhere has some bears.
    Talk to transporters in different areas and talk to area bio's.
    Of course, your going to have to hunt where your non res bro can get an over the counter bear tag
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