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Thread: Kayak's finally set up

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    Default Kayak's finally set up

    A few pics of my kayak project. I already use it for fishing, but I plan to figure out some stabilizersChuckNorrisKayakmidtofront.jpgChuckNorrisKayakRear.jpg so I can also use it for duck hunting.

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    Very nice! It's amazing what you can do to a simple sit on top Kayak. Once I get the fishing thing dialed back in, the idea of duck hunting from one sounds like some great fun. I wish I liked to eat the ducks here in Alaska a little more. The ones I have gotten in the past seem muddier than the ducks I shot over corn fields in the states. Well i suppose that is to be expected.

    Sweet Kayak!

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    Thanks, I will put some pics up when I figure out how to set it up for duck hunting.

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    Sweet paint job, what kind of yak is that?


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