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Thread: New Unit 13K Regulations

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    Talking New Unit 13K Regulations

    Alaska Department of Fish and Game

    Dear Moose Hunter,

    Congratulations on being drawn for a special permit for unit 13 K, Sub-unit 413, section 13-004CX. To pick up your special permit you must come in person to the head office of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game in Juneau, Alaska between the hours of 9:00 am and 3:00 pm on August 5. Your birth certificate will be required for purposes of positive identification.

    Your permit allows you to kill a bull moose with an antler spread of no less than 33 1/2; inches or no more than 39 1/4; inches, with 3 brow tines on the mooses left antler and 1 brow tine on the mooses right antler, as the moose is facing you while looking in a mirror. The time frame in which your permit is valid will be between the hours of 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm on August 29th. It is a requirement that, if successful, you bring into the Fish and Game Department head office in Juneau, within 48 hours of the kill, the COMPLETE STOMACH and the ENTIRE INTESTINAL TRACT. This MUST be complete and fully intact along with ALL of the contents of the stomach and intestinal tract. A special plastic drum will be issue to you for this purpose along with your permit. Also you are required to turn over to the first Fish and Game officer you encounter, one hind quarter of your moose. Also it will be necessary to save the testicles and the entire UPPER JAW of your kill.

    Unit 13 K, Sub-unit 413, section 13-004CX is within the area encompassed by an unnamed creek on the east side, that runs in a general north-south direction thenceforth from the headwaters of this unnamed creek in a north-westerly imaginary line to an unnamed peak approximately 14 miles distant. Thenceforth south from this unnamed peak to a winter trail running in a general north-westerly south-easterly direction, following the winter trail in a north-westerly direction to where it crosses the east fork of the west for of Big Moose creek. Thenceforth downstream to the confluence of Big Moose creek with Little Moose creek, and thenceforth in an easterly direction to the headwaters of Dry Creek, downstream for approximately 8 miles and thenceforth following an imaginary line in an easterly direction back to the unnamed creek.

    Unit 13 K, Sub-unit 413, section 13-004CX is a controlled use area and only foot traffic is allowed. Any deviation from your assigned area and or failure to comply fully with the terms of your permit will result in the loss of hunting and fishing privileges for 5 years AND forfeiture of your gun, camping equipment, AND your clothing, plus a $10,000 fine and 2,000 hours of community service work.

    Sorry but I stole this from another site.....just too funny and had to share.

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    Dave - You forgot that in order to pick up the permit, F&G will also need your last two years' W-2 Forms verifying income at or below $32,071.27 (an additional $1,349.42 is allowed for each child, plus $201.90 for each dog, $87.50 for each cat, and $5.65 for each bird. Neighbor kids that come over for dinner do not count as dependants, and thus do not add to the allowable income limit). Furthermore, F&G reserves the right to search under the seat in your truck for loose change that may disqualify you under the aforementioned income limits.


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    why go through all that when you can shoot one in texas behind a fence for a mear $7k?
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    might as well hunt naked, that way when they take your clothes.....yaa suprise!!!
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    Dave, You did'nt mention the DNA testing, does the permit holder only have to pay for his DNA testing or does he have to pay for both his AND the Moose?


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