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Thread: Circle to the Porcupine

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    Default Circle to the Porcupine

    I am thinking about going from Circle down the Yukon then up the Porcupine. Anyone have any suggestions. I am concenrned about the amount of fuel I may need to take and the bradis btween Circle and Fort Yukon.
    I have a 22' Hewescraft Riverrunner with the inboard Sportjet


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    Default Porcupine trip

    How far up the Porcupine are you planning to go? I'm planning a similar trip in July, from Circle, up the Porcupine to the Canadian border and back.
    Here are some approximate distances.
    Circle to Ft Yukon is 55 or 60 miles. There is gas at Ft Yukon but the last time I was there it wasn't down to the shore. I had to carry it.
    From the mouth of the porcupine to the Sheenjek is about 52 miles.
    From the Sheenjek to the Coleen is about 103 miles.
    From the Coleen to the Canadian border is about 62 miles.
    From the border to Old Crow is about 40 miles.
    I'll be running a 35 hp Go-Devil Surface Drive on a 24 X 42 Duracraft jon boat and average about 7 miles per gallon at full throttle. To give me a little spare for exploring I plan on leaving Circle with 100 gallons. With that load I shouldn't need to refuel at Ft Yukon and I don't intend to cross into Canada. The Porcupine is pretty much a "no brainer" to run with a riverboat. Enjoy the trip.

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    Thanks for the numbers. I am looking at going towards the end of Aug/early Sep and will probably go just short of Canada. I estimate I'll use about 10 gal per hour but not sure yet. If you remember, I Would appreciate any tips after your trip.
    Have fun!

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    Smile Been there, great trip!

    I was part of a two boat group that launched at Circle and went up the porcupine all the way to the Canadian border. Great trip, I would love to make it again.

    We refueled at Ft. Yukon, and it was expensive, of course this was four, maybe five years ago, so I am sure it is even more now. We found a local with a pickup truck to haul us and our fuel tanks from the boat "ramp" to the store to get fuel and back.

    Bring cash and lots of it as if you have problems it is the only way to bail yourself out. A lot of rumors about people being robbed or shot at and we never had any problems. Of course there was six of us and we were all armed. Still, everyone we met was friendly, even the intoxicated boaters who were running at night to make a wedding up the Porcupine.

    PM for more details.

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    Default Porcupine trip

    Did you do any fishing?

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    Default didn't fish

    we saw grayling but had no fishing gear, poor planning!

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    I made this trip on 3 different moose seasons years ago. I would have to dig through the archives but I seem to remember Circle to Ft Yukon being a few more miles than stated but it has been a while. The trip from circle to Ft Yukon is the tough part as it is extremely braided and a chore to stay in the main channel (maybe thats why I thought it was farther). Got into some good grayling and shefish fishing. We paid a local for transportation to the gas pump as well and never had any problems with anyone. Great remote country and the Porcupine is beautiful and unsusual river.

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    On your return trip from Ft Yukon to Circle, be sure you are traveling upstream on the Yukon. It's a real maze in there.

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    Default Thanks

    For all the advice. Sounds like it will be a great experience. I'll be sure and take a come-along of some kind to get off the gravel bars I'm sure I'll hit. I'll let you all know how it went in the fall.


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