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Thread: Thompson pass whitewater trip

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    Default Thompson pass whitewater trip

    I have a crew together to raft the keystone canyon on the Lowe river and the upper and lower canyons on the Tsaina. If there is another experienced party who is interested please let me know.

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    Just FYI... a flood advisory for Lowe and surrounding streams was issued this morning.
    Winter is Coming...

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    Yes I heard that as well. Hoping that is subsides by the weekend. If it's flooding then we will make a fishing trip out of it.

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    Hello all, my son and his crew rafted the upper Tsaina last week and ended up flipping it and they all swam to safety as the raft made its way down stream. They looked for it but could not find it. If any of you see or recover a blue NRS Otter down that way could you please call me at 223-1674 with details. Thanks for your help.


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    Just wanted to thank all of the people responsible for the recovery of my sons raft ... Its people like you that make Alaska the "Great Land"!!! Bravo to all of you!

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    I'm guessing this is your son's raft near the end of the video.

    You are right on...we are fortunate to live in Alaska. The guy Paul, who edited the video, is a super cool dude. He and his crew definitely earned some good river karma.

    The Tsaina, even at a low stage, looks like some rowdy fun.


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    Wow! Great video. I love the culvert launch at the beginning. There definitely appears to be some Otter eatin' holes along there. The guys must have had an epic trip with a raft.

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    Default Wrong section

    The Tsaina is broke into 3 sections, and the upper, one with Jacobs Ladder, is not the one usually rafted. The lower canyon is class IV-, and was rafted by keystone for years.
    Did they put in on the upper?

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    I believe it was the lower canyon. Great video, nicely done! The recovery and the vid!!!

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    I am the owner of the long lost Otter and appreciate the effort of the kayak crew. I'm happy to know that there are still good, honest souls out there on the river. Paddlers unite! There are three sections of canyon and we have only done the upper and lower in the raft. The middle, which is where this footage is from is pretty tight for a raft, but may be doable...someday. Just FYI this river is not to be taken lightly and I suggest doing other whitewater first as we had! We are 1 for 2 on this river and I'm planning on making that 2 for 3 next time. Enjoy the rest of the season and thank your Mr. Cox and crew!

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    Glad to hear everyone in the raft crew is alright. I would love to hear the whole story sometime. I guess the local Ahtna people knew a thing or two when they named the river Tsaina, meaning "brown bear water". Even at low flows the river lives up to its name. As CCR put it "If you come down to the river, bet you gonna find some people who live. You don't have to worry 'cause you have no money, people on the river are happy to give.". Keep the big wheel turnin'. See ya on the river!


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