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    Default cheap raft rental

    I just ran across this cheap raft rental at groupon. But it looks like the deal is only good if you buy it in the next day or so, and use it before mid September of this year. I've used groupons at a few restaurants before and always had good luck with them.

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    Thanks for the heads up Familyman

    Never used Groupon, but my brother has and mentions some good deals.

    Details below on the raft rental deal.

    Before man conquered his fear of water, he amused himself with dust sports such as pushing boulders off cliffs, wrestling tumbleweeds, and falling in the dust. Enjoy an aquatic adventure with today’s Groupon to Alaska Raft Connection. Choose between the following options:

    • For $100, you get a two-day do-it-yourself raft rental (a $200 value).
    • For $150, you get a two-day assembled raft and trailer rental (a $300 value).

    Alaska Raft Connection outfits adventurous do-it-yourselfers for self-guided water voyages along Alaska’s pristine scenic waterways. Water wranglers can saddle up in one of the Alaska Raft Connection's many inflatable floatables before setting out on the river for a two-day fishing trip, or in the local pool for two days of getting yelled at by lifeguards. Equipped with leading brands such as AIRE, NRS, Sotar, and the shop's own brand of self-bailing inflatable rafts, the pontoon purveyors at Alaska Raft Connection can ensure patrons will leave with the right raft for any journey. With 13- to 18-foot self-bailing rafts, intrepid explorers can safely tax along on their aqueous adventures, and the 14- to 18-foot catamaran-raft hybrids bring a Polynesian flair to the experience. All rafts and catarafts include either a rowing or paddle-frame-mounting package and will be pre-assembled for those who choose the assembled raft and trailer package.

    Alaska Raft Connection
    Old Seward / Oceanview
    1120 E Huffman Rd., Suite 537
    Anchorage, Alaska 99515
    (907) 250-2271

    I am sure anyone interested could contact them directly and get the same deal. Perhaps work out a 3-4 day rental.

    Some folks (like me) may not want to sign up and give email address to Groupon in fear of occasional junk mail or email offers. I got a secondary email address for this purpose and used it to access Groupon this morning.

    Could be a good way for someone without a raft to visit Fishapalooza on the Upper Kenai in Sept

    I will be there Sept 5-12 and many others from the forum will be there during most of mid Sept. Pick up the raft and come down for a few days. Many of us shuttle together and leap frog down river. A good time for sure. Camping at the rainbow lot at the Russian River Campground. Sticky (top of all threads) in the fly fishing forum gives more info on Palooza. Max at Alaska Canoe and Campground in Sterling rented me a raft and trailer for Palooza this year. Goo Vogt of Alaska Wildwater in Anchorage rents Sotar rafts. Many options for folks that may want to join the Palooza crowd but don't yet have a raft. Do drop in.

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