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Thread: Parks Highway Baiting

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    I told my wife the other day that I might have to put my bait stand around 150 mile steese and she freaked out. Got all kinds of mad and thought it was for a dumb reason. So if I am looking into a new spot that is around the same distance as the one I have now. Here is what I'm looking at, going to end of chena hot springs road, going around 115-120 miles elliot/ toward manely, or going up the parks toward anchorage near anderson. So I just want to know what everyone else thinks and see which one will give me the best chance to shoot me a bear. I also guess, if need be i could go 115-120 toward delta/tok also. Big bears, and lots of bear. Just want to get all of your opinions and I will do the rest.
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    Delta/Tok is not a good idea. I've heard nothing but Grizz, grizz and more grizz. I'm sure there are blacks out that way, but I'd avoid it if you can. I don't know a thing about Chena area. Manley/Elliot highway has lots of bait stations, and Grizz, but there are some nice Black bears out that way. I've heard Hurricane Gulch has quite a few blackies, but that may be too far for you to go.

    I've also heard if you can get on the other side of the Tanana river from Fairbanks there is some good hunting to be had there. Hope this helps.
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