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Thread: Colt 1911 100 year aniversary

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    Default Colt 1911 100 year aniversary

    Well, I bought what I thought was an Colt 100 year aniversary 1911 today. When I saw it at the bx they it labeled as a 100 year aniversary colt 1911. I really wanted one so I put it on layaway. After a month and a half of paying it off on lI finally took it home today, only to discover it is not a 100 year aniversary 1911. It is a Colt 1991A1 Government, with 100 years of service stamped on the slide. I was super pissed that they labeled this thing wrong, and was fuming when I got it home. I realize now that the only person to blame is me, for not looking at it closely. But since I walked out of the store with it, there is no taking it back. I am sure I have a really nice 1911 to shoot, but now I gotta scramble to find the one I originally wanted, before colt stops production on them in November. I am going to stop by WWG this weekend and see if we can work something out. I should have gone to them in the first place, since they are the colt guys around here.

    I noticed this pistol is a series 80, all my buddies who own colt 1911's say the series 70 is the one you want. Can anybody tell me why the series 70 is better than the series 80? And what is the difference between the two?
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    The 80 just has a extra safety feature which is easy to do away with.
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    removing a lock is one thing but do away with a safty feature doesn't sound to safe to me?????????
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    The series 80 has a firing pin block which renders the firearm safer without compromising function or trigger pull


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