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    I was wondering what everybody uses as leader/tippet for different setups. I'm looking for advice for both Salmon and trout.

    In the past (The year I worked up there), I would run 6lb Maxima Ultragreen from the fly line, straight to the fly, as I was shown when I was up there. Now I've switched to running a traditional 1X leader and tippet setup. For Silvers and Sockeye, I still run a straight 12-15 lb Maxima. I've never done different, but I'm sure that there's a better way.

    Any good setup suggetstions that work? I am packing for a week float trip to the Alagnak in a month, and don't want to bring a ton of extra stuff that I don't need, but want to need what I don't have.



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    Default Good source of informaiton concerning yout quesiton as well as G-smolt and Alaska Fly fishing Goods out of Juneau

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    Thanks for the links. Lots of info on those sites.

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    some 30 pounds maxima then 20 pound maxima then 0x then my tippet of choice
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    For trout, dollies, and grayling, I use a tapered leader down to 1x, and then I tie on 3x tippet. I'll tie 4x tippet onto that if the water's clear and slow and for all dry flies, although I've gotten 3x to work in both those situations as well. I haven't had trouble with it breaking off on fish at all, even 18" rainbows fighting on the 4x tippet, but you gotta get the good stuff. I have had decent luck with Frog's Hair, but my favorite is Orvis Mirage. It looks like it's more expensive, but it's actually not, because the cheaper stuff is a complete waste of money. It breaks way easier, and it has a short shelf life. I used to replace my tippet twice a season until I found better stuff...

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