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Thread: Valdez storage and boat tax questions?

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    Question Valdez storage and boat tax questions?

    Boat storage Valdez and wintering??
    A friend of mine and I are considering buying a boat and would like to store it in Valdez or near there year round. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on who to store it with and any idea of what it costs. Also, we are assuming the boats will be unsheltered in winter and were wondering what would be a good way to keep the snow out. We were considering using the shrink wrap when we were done with it for the year but are not sure if that will be strong enough to shed the snow? I also read someone commenting on taxes. Is there a persnal property tax assesed on boats based on value and location in Alaska? If so, where could I find the rate? Any ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    If you don't plan to come down and clear the snow or hire someone to do it for you, I'd recommend storing it north of Thompson Pass somewhere. The snow in Valdez is a boat wrecker and it can go from 4 feet of wet snowfall overnight to a hard rain. If you don't have the ability to go clear that at a moment's notice, you can have some serious boat damage.

    One thing that some will do is build an A-frame roof to put over the whole boat. But then you have a structure that has to be stored in the summer and even that must be manually cleared from time-to-time as snow builds up on the sides. Plus, it needs to be able to withstand hurricane force winter winds. Valdez winter winds are wicked.

    Don't know any specifics, but there is a place up there by Squirrel creek (top of the hill) that has a large storage yard which always collects some boats for the winter. They don't have nearly as much snowloading in that area, but they trade it off for severe cold (-45F).
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    I know of 1 guy that offers covered boat storage in Valdez. He's on the Left as you're headed towards town; between the Valdez Glacier stream and the duck flats. He has a 3 sided covered building that will hold about a half dozen boats. The boat storage sits way back off the highway behind a beige colored concrete block biulding. I met him a couple of years ago, and think his name was Chris. Sorry, but I don't have any contact info.

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