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Thread: Looking for a Hunting Partner

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    Default Looking for a Hunting Partner

    I am looking for someone to go out and hunt moose with this year. I am looking to help out packing or whatever in exchange for some meat. I don't need an entire moose (and my freezer isn't big enough) so I am just looking to tag along instead of trying to bag my own animal. I would split any costs such as fuel. I have only lived in AK for about a year, but went caribou hunting by myself last year. I am 27 and live in Anchorage. If anyone is looking for an extra set of hands shoot me a note. I will be available the last two weeks of August.

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    We may be able to work something out. I have family coming in from out of state for a moose hunt and we are looking for another to share in the meat/work after the out-of-stater drops a moose. If you are still looking for a hunt to tag along on drop me a line and maybe we can meet up for a beer and specifics. I am looking into different areas currently, and will have more info on the hunt with everyday that passes.


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    Wow if your are half a hand im sure someone would jump on this offer. I always thought it would be cool to hire your own sherpa for sheep hunting. Not legal for that though. Hard to compete with the guides unless you can fly a cub. Good luck on your quest.


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