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    Just a simple question. I wanted to get in a little saltwater fishing on the drive from Anchorage to Homer and back but the tides look like all low outgoings and lows when I get to the water I want to fish. Is it worth stopping and fishing or should I just keep driving? I know how tides work here but there is always water around but it looks like some of those coastal stream mouths get reall skinny at low tide. Just wonderiung how the salmon react at those tides. Man I've got a lot to learn...

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    If I was traveling that route and wanted to fish in the salt, I would get a hold of Marvin at Ebb Tide Charters. Stand up guy and fishes in the area you are talking about. Chuck, John, and others have fished with him and had a ball. The saltwater fishing in AK is much different than what you and I are used to. Especially if you are talking about surf or land based fishing. Apples to oranges.

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