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Thread: New Barney's Pack!

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    Default New Barney's Pack!

    In preparation for my September moose hunt, I treated myself to a Barney's freighter frame and Hunter Bag! Now I'm really psyched (as if I needed any more reason to be).

    I've rocked a Camp Trails Moose Pack II for many years, and it's done a solid job packing out several caribou and a moose. But the hip belt wasn't staying snug anymore, so it was time to upgrade. Might as well get a pack and frame that will last the rest of my life!

    Best of luck to all as you gear up and prepare for your hunts this fall.


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    Hey md hunter, just a heads up. I took my Barneys into their store for a checkup cause it didnt feel or look right and they adjusted it to my size and replaced some components...for FREE! Its like a new pack and feels much better on my back. I have had a lot of undue strain over the years by not having it properly sized. You might want to take it by their store if possible to have it adjusted prior to your hunt!
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    Thanks Solly - I bought it over the phone to get the 10% discount that ran through yesterday, but they're holding it for me and I'll pick it up in the store at the end of August when I arrive in Anchorage. I'm gonna be sure to have them fit it for me!

    Thanks again, and good luck on your hunts this fall.

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    Did you get to use your new pack/frame this fall? What is your opinion of it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by K Dill View Post

    Did you get to use your new pack/frame this fall? What is your opinion of it?
    It's a serious upgrade over my old Camp Trails Moose Pack II, lots better hip belt, shoulder pads, and more straps to secure the bag with a load. Also more pockets than my old pack!

    Didn't get to try packing moose quarters - saw 4 bulls on 8-day hunt, two weren't legal and I ran out of light before I could determine if the other two were legal - so will have to wait until my 2013 caribou hunt to comment on how it handles a meat load.


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