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    I have a limited amount of time to hunt this year and am looking for someplace close to home. Anybody ever hunt the Nancy Lake area for moose? I talked to F&G in Palmer but they weren't much help. Thanks.

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    I hunted the area a few years ago. Called in a sub-legal bull. He didn't act 'small' coming through the brush though, what a rush! I only talked to one other group of hunters in there when I was hunting the area and we were a couple lakes apart. I think if you go back in a ways you'll have the area to yourself, especially during the week. I concentrated on the edges of the meadows around the lakes for the first few days but saw most of my sign along the ridges between the lakes. Good luck.

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    Iíve never hunted the Nancy lake area, as I see it your problem is not if there moose, finding a legal bull, competition from the locals, and how hard you hunt the area will determine if you are successful. There are a lot of moose in the Mat Sue your skill as a hunter is what will determine if you are successful, + luck.

    Good Luck.


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