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Thread: Yukon River Maximum Load Test

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    Default Yukon River Maximum Load Test

    I've got this years main event on my mind and have been playing with iMovie so... I made a little trailer of last years maximum load test on finger lake. My son and I loaded the boat to its max. We were unable to get on step with a 19 pitch prop so on went the 17 pitch. The video is of the 17p run. I took it easy out of the hole, 470g of water (untold amount of water in bilge, it was overflowing the floor at one point) plus my son and myself. When we ran the Yukon we used the 19p prop down and back. Two guys, gear and two moose back up river. 295 gallons of fuel used.

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    Cool vid, jeff. Useful info for Yukon R. bound hunters.
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