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Thread: Boots and winter apparel

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    Default Boots and winter apparel

    Hi Everyone,

    I recently moved to Anchorage and I am loving every minute of it so far. I understand all people are different but come winter time what types of clothing should I have to be ready. For my job I do a lot of driving, walking and standing. The standing is mostly inside. So I was wondering what types of boots and jackets etc are good to have. I guess I am seeking opinions on an Anchorage winter starter kit


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    "... driving, walking and standing" around Anchorage?

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    If you don't know about proper layering, that would be a good start. I think the REI website has a good article.
    The weather will make the difference too. You may want want a loft or down filled jacket on a sunny winter day, but a nylon/Gore-Tex/water resistant shell on snowy days. Fleece or fleece with some sort of windblock is nice, but not when it's wet.
    Same for boots. I don't think there is one that works for all occasions. I bought my wife Uggs, Gore-Tex hiking boots and Sorrels when we got here. She wears all of them all winter, at different times and occasions.
    I guess I'm saying that one size does not fit will probably need more than one of each, but I guess that depends on how much outdoors you are doing.

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    filson double tin pants.
    Filson cruiser shirt
    apocalyse design parka with wolf/wolverine ruff from Alaska Raw fur.
    Marten fur hat with three tails
    Beaver Mitts
    Knee High Fox River socks
    Bunny Boots
    union style long wool underwear.

    Its a mite spendy but you would survive.



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