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Thread: Black bear hunting in fall

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    Default Black bear hunting in fall

    I am going up north on the haul road last week in August, and was wondering if there is anywhere I can spot some blackies or grizz on the way. I have only been up there once and am not sure where to look. I understand that its bow only within 5 miles after the Yukon. I am really after bou, but you just never no, so I figured I would ask just in case. Also is there any good spots to look for sheep on the way. I no sheep is kinda a sacred ground, but if you are wiling to help, you can PM me. Thanks in advance.
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    I saw a huge black bear last year on the way home from caribou hunting last fall. I did not have a harvest ticket otherwise I might have tried for him. There is a lot of nice country north of Coldfoot, which is where I saw this guy.


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