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    I am getting my husband a Ruger Alaskan in .454 Casull for bear defense. What ammo should I buy?


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    That's a very nice gift!

    Buying a couple of boxes of 45 COLT ammo will allow him to shoot the new handgun very comfortably at first. This ammo will be less expensive and will be much more "fun" to shoot in the Alaskan. For bear protection there are lots of good options, but I'd like a bullet that weighs 300+ grains in the Casull that is designed for penetration. There are lots of manufacturers of such ammo and I would not make a lot of difference among them.

    Here are a few examples, LINK LINK LINK LINK

    You should be able to find comparable ammo in Anchorage. I know that Wild West Guns stocks Corbon ammo and other shops and stores in town will have similar and imminently suitable offerings for the .454.
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    DoubleTap also makes some fine ammo for the gun and not as spendy.A member here sells it.
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    Thanks alot for the info.!

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    When your husband told you what he wanted, didn't he tell you what ammo to get for it?

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    Little boys should stay off of the forum, two nice gentlemen have given me the information I needed. A grown man would have noticed that!


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