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Thread: I Got The North Fork Bullets To Shoot

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    Default I Got The North Fork Bullets To Shoot

    Here is what I sent to North Fork after they sent me some 165gr to try again and 180gr for 300Win mag along with 200gr for my 358Win. I was able to get hunting accuracy (not what I am use to but good enough for hunting) out of the North Fork bullets.

    Franz, I have some much better news. I am not getting 3" groups now. First, I think part of the problem with the 165gr SS I bought from Midway were that they were not cleaned well and there was machining residue in the grooves (every bullet in the box) defeating the very purpose of the grooves in the first place. Not only were my groups smaller and acceptable hunting groups, using the ones you sent me, but velocities were up by 75fps using the same loads I did with the bullets I bought. Second, here is a picture of one of the 165gr SS I bought from Midway on the left and one of the 165gr SS you sent me on the right. Seating depth, powder, brass were all the same so the residue in the grooves is the only culprit I can think of that was causing me the problems I was experiencing.

    First bullet I bought on left - The bullet you sent me on right

    Three shot group of 180gr SS using MRP moving 3193fps average out of a 24" barrel. Very good load.

    Three shot group of 200gr 358Win 2636fps, I like these but going to buy 225gr SS because I can move them at 2550gps easy since I move a 225gr Accubond at 2550gps, that is enough velocity to get expansion with the SS. Plus my 358Win likes 225gr bullets much better than 200gr.

    Four shot group 165gr SS moving 3226fps is good but I will use the 180gr SS for my big stuff and use my Sierra 165gr HPBT for deer.

    Thank you for sending the 165gr bullets for me to try and for the 180gr SS bullets which I really like. Yours truly, Mike Price

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    Here is a letter to the Guns & Ammo forum by John in response to my post there. I am known as Beartracker on the Guns & Ammo sight.


    I wanted to let everyone in the Guns & Ammo forums that we do not accept this level of quality coming out of our factory. Beartracker has been excellent to work with and has done everything we have asked. Information was shared and ideas were exchanged. I am hopefull that Beartracker is happy with the level of support he has received. Luckily, Beartracker knows that accuracy is a system not just a function of the bullet. We believe if the handloader takes the time and does everything correctly, our bullets are just or more accurate than all other on the market. Every rifle is different and everyone's ability to load accurate ammunition is different, thus results can vary. But this was not the case with Beartracker. I can offer many excuses, but none that our customers should worry about. As we have become more known, we had growing pains due to hiring/firing/etc. But this level of accuracy is not taken lightly by us and we have reviewed all of our processes, quality checks, and have made improvements where issues have been discovered.

    Our bullets are more expensive than most (cheaper than the original TBBC and that was in 1990 dollars), but the performace is unmatched. We believe in service and making the best product we possibly can without taking any short cuts either in manufacturing or materials.

    Let it be known we take hunting and shooting very seriously otherwise we would not be in the business. Everyhting we source is made in the USA and we make everything here in the USA. If you have not tried our bullets, give us a shot on your next big hunt.

    Thank you for your time.


    North Fork Technologies

    I return his response with the following:

    John, not only was I very happy with the effort that North Fork went to in helping me solve my issues, but I am very excited about the the 180gr SS in my 300Win Mag. The 3193fps out of a 300win mag 24" barrel without pressures signs is nothing to sneeze at when you consider the 1/2" group it shoots. I will be buying more of those and will be hunting with those. My 358Win shot your 200gr bullets better than it has shot any other 200gr bullet so I know the 225gr will shoot good because my gun loves that weight bullet. I will be ordering some of those as well. John, North Fork patience and willingness to hang in there and trust me to try other approaches goes a long way with me and I will use North Fork's product. Can't wait to use them on a hunt because I know how the TBBC killed game for me and I expect even better results out of the North Fork because I can get much better velocities. Thanks again for the service. Mike Price (Beartracker)


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