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    Got a new boat this spring and have been putting it through its trials this summer. I bought a Excel 1851 with a Mudbuddy Blackdeath 4500. It is an amazing combination. I've been very impressed with the performance of the hull so far. It loves shallow water, and planes out at really low speeds. Been on lots of rivers up here in the Mat-su valley and have taken it down to the Kenai the last few weekends for reds and trout. The boat moves at about 28mph with 3 people and a dog, plus a little gear, and sips gas. I think I average about 2.5 to 3 gph, which compared to my other boat (inboard jet) at 9gph, its very cheap to run. In fact, I run this boat more often than I do the big boat these days. A few weekends ago, the wife and daughter went up the Yetna to the cabin with me to get our 4 wheeler and bring it back to the house. The boat was wide enough to drive on and park it, and still hopped right up on step and cruised at about 15-18mph. Not bad with a pretty heavy load. All in all, very impressed. I hauled 3 of these up from Utah for Mark over at Backwater Motors in Chugiak this past spring, and he's got them all sold. I believe he has 3 more coming up now, but they may already be sold also. If anyone is looking for a boat (john boat style), I'd sure look at these. We are getting ready to start blind construction to get it ready for the waterfowl season coming up. This is going to make things much easier this year. Some pics.........


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    Congrats, looks like a fun rig.


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