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    Anyone using the hawk 225gr bullets? I am looking for a fast expanding 225gr bullet for white tail deer that will work on black bear to, or simply move up to the next thickest jacket for bear/moose. I know hawk makes two or three different thickneses in the 225gr rn as they call it. So far most 225ge bullet will go between 2350 and 2430fps in my gun I shoot from 15 yards out 250 yards while 15 to 80 yards is more common. What jacket thickness have you used and how did it work on what game etc..

    I am working on a 225 partition load and use alot of 200gr Spire point IL. I use a rem 700 in 358win. I need to measure my magazine length thu it should be commen with all rem700 SA's. Last I looked they cost the same as partitions.

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    I've used a lot of Hawk, but in .358 diamater only the 250 grain .035 RNs in 358 Win's and the 200 grain .025 FPs in 35 Remington and 357 Herret. And only a couple of boxes each, as a matter of fact.

    Based on those and on expansion in other calibers with jackets ranging up to .050 (400 grain .423 in 404 Jeffries and 300 grain RN in a 375 H&H), my best guess for your needs will be the .030. The .035's might be a little tough at 250 yards, while I'd have complete confidence in the .030's at your velocities even at close range. I'm pushing 300 grain .430's with the .035 jacket at 2250 from a wildcat, and much past 150 I'm seeing pretty small exits on deer. Guesswork, because I haven't recovered any of them from deer.

    Nice even expansion even on light game like deer, yet fine weight retention on the heavy stuff almost anywhere I've gone in their line.

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    I will order some .030" 225gr RN's for my 358win. My 35rem gets rem brass/federal 210M primers/ 40.0grs of H4895/ 200gr rem CLRN's works great from a 336D. This is a Plus Pressure load at 2188fps.

    Thanks for the information


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