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Thread: Protect Your Precious Memories

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    Default Protect Your Precious Memories

    If there is anything I can answer for you or assist you with please let me know.
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    Consider an external hard drive. I recently got a nice external hard drive from Costco. Many folks will back up images on disc, nothing wrong with it, but they may degrade over time. Many photographers in this modern age are putting all their images on affordable external hard drives and every 5-10 years putting the info on said hard drive on a newer (cheaper and larger memory) external hard drive. Many keep images on two external hard drives, or a copy in the computer and a back up on the external hard drive. Good economical way to preserve your images for ever.

    Great thread below where I recently learned more about archiving images...

    What I did after learning from others (from above thread)...

    Just got back from Costco and got a 3 TB Western Digital external hard drive. My plan is to get all images from the three computers onto this hard drive. I will use it to copy all future images as well. Perhaps soon buy a second similar/identical hard drive and make it the back up (for the back up). Just update the 2nd hard drive on occasion and store it away in a safe or somewhere. Sounds like a good plan based on the input here. A big step up from my current storage. Two laptops, one 6 years old I don't even use, and my desk top. Nice to finally address this issue and I appreciate the insights shared here. BTW, the 3 TB Western Digital hard drive was $169 at Costco. Seems like pretty cheap storage.

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    I recently started using the Rugged by LaCie. It is FireWire 800/USB2 and bus powered. It is available in 500G and 1T. I bought mine from BestBuy in Anchorage with a price match from the Internet. I am having great success using it for HD video.


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