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Thread: Taurus m44 44mag factory round for protection

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    Hi. I own a Taurus M44 44mag with a 4 inch ported barrel. I do not do handload and I am not in a position to get rid of it and get a Colt or Ruger or a Dan Wesson....I know that I should have purchased a higher quality from the beginning, but didn't. So I am headed to Kodiak Island AK in October and want to find a factory load for that gun to use for bear protection. What can I use? How hot and large can I get away with in that gun?I purchased some low recoil buffalo bore loaded with 255 grain that enough? Can I shoot heavier buffalo bores loaded with 305 grains (not the +p stuff)?Any help and suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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    Iím not well acquainted with the M44 but it should handle any store ammo as long as it isnít too long (OAL) to fit. All .44 Magnums are modern guns made of modern steels because 44mag is a modern round. Taurus are not weaker than say a S&W just less well made in terms of fit/finish which effects reliability of function . . . in other words itís no more likely to blow up than a S&W but is more likely to fail to function because itís not as well assembled.

    Iím not a 44 guy so donít know what is out there in the shops (I do load some 44) but for bear defense you want WFN (wide flat nose) hard cast heavy as you can get pushing as hard as you can handle and still shoot them well. Buffalo Bore, Alaska Backpacker, Carbon and others make good heavy for caliber hard cast bear ammo . . . find one thatís 300g or better that you and your gun shoot well.
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    What Andy said plus 99.99% of the time you will never need it.
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