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Thread: Healy area hiking

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    Going hiking down Healy creek this coming weekend. Question is, at Suntrana they have a gate that is locked stoping you from continuing farther down the road? Can you still hike down to the end of the road and continue up Healy creek up towards Cody Pass?
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    It's been a few years since I've been into Suntrana, but my recollection is that a sign on the gate indicated the land was held by the Alaska Mental Health Land Trust. We only walked a short way up the road on that trip, but I recall that some local outfit was leading mountain bike trips up that road. See the Trust Land Office recreation policy at Sounds like in general, unmotorized day use is allowed, other stuff might require a permit.

    I don't know if MHLT holds all the land up where you want to go. I would contact their office in Anchorage for the latest info on exact boundaries of their lands and any rules specific to that area. Their contact info is at

    Let us know what you find out. It might be a fun area to explore.


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