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    How is the water level like right now for floating guardrail to the redgate/bridge in an IK?

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    Default water level

    Hi, The water is low,(500cfs) which is good if you have not been down the run. Look at the first drop, if you can do it you can do the rest. But, you will run into a variety of rapids which are fun ar most levels. You can scout, or portage, every rapid. Practice on the boof ledges, which will be fun, without sticky holes to get you. Watch for rocks, under the water, on Left Hand Turn, when you make your inside ferry to keep from hitting the wall. Yellow brick is another that has a few exposed rocks in places you wish they were not.
    Bottom line it is a great class III-III+ run, at these levels, and is pool drop.
    DOn't forget to keep your eye out for the log in One Less Lawyer, around the corner after you pass the cable and are heading towards the house.
    Great IK stream, so have fun, you will be stoked.


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