Yes, I will be staying in Soldotna for ten days.&nbsp; I just finished three years of surgery and wnat no failures of the fun end on this one.&nbsp; I have a lifetime of fishing the great lakes.&nbsp; I never fished Ak.&nbsp; What I want to do is catch fish.&nbsp; I like to venture, cut n run, but I am booked with Mel Erickson for two Ocean trips including Gore Point and two kenai River trips, ten days lodging.&nbsp; <BR><BR>Did a lot of research from Ak game and fish and got the fisherman per area with catch rates, then itemized the areas for people and fishing.&nbsp; The upper Kenai seems&nbsp;fun if you cut brush.&nbsp;&nbsp;Which map or do I get a g***etter - do you reccommend?<BR><BR>&nbsp;So, I just want to have fun, seems silvers are the thing, But-it is the middle of the run?&nbsp; What can you all do for me and I will be visiting the local VFW to cut up with the boys.&nbsp;&nbsp;I planned this trip about a month ago.&nbsp; Was to be with a group from Texas, but they threw in a couple/gal with 5 men in a cabin-out of there for me.&nbsp; I am an athelitic 59yo and am also thinking of a crosbow hunt for carabou.&nbsp; Main thing I will have&nbsp;my own car and camp because I will be&nbsp;mobile&nbsp;when the&nbsp;charter is done.&nbsp; &nbsp;I can and will drive to have fun and solitude.&nbsp; Bears?-I can handle them, but should I pack anything?? <BR>THis is a great forum, should have joined a long time ago.